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Careers: We are looking for people that want to become part of our family, anyone is welcome they just need to bring a passionate attitude for achieving the best possible outcomes for the studio and for our clients.

Interns: We are offering an internship of 12 weeks to candidates that are capable of making a good french press coffee (kidding, not kidding). We don’t use quark so don’t think you need to know programs inside and out. You just want to learn and be hands on.





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the project

Melbourne born, Bali based label Mister Zimi came to duo  d uo looking for a digital solution that could not only better tell their brand story and engage users, but also help increase online sales with a focus on mobile users.

Teaming up with twenty4 as our development experts we were able to create an eCommerce solution that guides the user through a specific consumer journey, in turn increasing site usability and sales.

With a lot of users visiting the previous site via a mobile device, but not staying long enough to make a purchase we placed our main focus to change these stats. Stripping back the mobile site to be a pure sales tool, mobile / tablet users increased to 63.85% with an average session time of 4:45 minutes.