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Careers: We are looking for people that want to become part of our family, anyone is welcome they just need to bring a passionate attitude for achieving the best possible outcomes for the studio and for our clients.

Interns: We are offering an internship of 12 weeks to candidates that are capable of making a good french press coffee (kidding, not kidding). We don’t use quark so don’t think you need to know programs inside and out. You just want to learn and be hands on.





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the project

The folks at Ethel Vaughn came to us to design their look book with one condition: to use the elements of the yardage we had previously produced for their SS14 collection, COMME CORRECT.

To help bring the yardage pattern to life, we designed a look book built upon layers. The A4 sized piece, to be used in-store and at tradeshows, folded out to reveal a single page poster. This could be viewed as a hangable POS or as a handheld look book.