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Careers: We are looking for people that want to become part of our family, anyone is welcome they just need to bring a passionate attitude for achieving the best possible outcomes for the studio and for our clients.

Interns: We are offering an internship of 12 weeks to candidates that are capable of making a good french press coffee (kidding, not kidding). We don’t use quark so don’t think you need to know programs inside and out. You just want to learn and be hands on.





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  1. Cam Diamond

    When you think ‘sales lookbook’, do you see a headless model standing in front of a white studio wall?

    This very exclusive preview of a sales lookbook is just a small taste of how we approach such a brief. With the ability to art-direct, set build, shoot and retouch in house we can produce a sales tool that is perfectly tailored to your brand.

    We also provide social media content throughout the day if you wish to entice and tease your consumers with what is on the horizon.

    Next time you have a looming lookbook deadline, come down and see what possibilities are waiting for your brand.

  2. Cam Diamond

    Hamburg based fashion label Ethel Vaughn contacted us looking for a yardage print that could be used across multiple garments in their Spring Summer collection Comme Correct.

    An organic pattern was created using botanical illustrations. To soften the look, water colour clouds were added throughout to tie the flowers together while toning back the black producing a dream like feel.

  3. duo d uo

    After 2 years of hiding behind a somewhat bare holding page we have decided it is time to welcome you into our world.

    For those of you unaware of our space, let me paint you a picture… using words.
    We back onto a nightclub that is also a thai restaurant, currently there is an indoor cactus garden growing over 2 meters in height and if you are thirsty we carry a nice collection of whiskey and gin, and yes we have locally produced options.


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